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Till the End of the World

When I met Steven Rutter in February 2014 in London, the last thing I had on my mind was that such a musical symbiosis could exist, so far from my comfort zone made of acoustic instruments and sounds they could generate. I had just released my "Ruins in Bloom" album, the post-release euphoria was long gone and I was deep down the murky waters of "I can't do this anymore, I give up". The disproportion between the effort, love and talent invested and the economical outcome has gotten the best of me, it reached that level of humiliation that every artist got to experience at least once in their career. So as someone who has officially quit doing music that very same morning, I met up with Steve. A techno producer from the '90s, legendary releases on Warp Records that have shaped the UK electronic scene, timeless stuff that I have never heard of, due to my in-born allergy towards electronic music. He, on an eight year long hiatus, also due to a living personal hell, yet willing to step out of the comfort zone and engage into a vocal project.

What followed were weeks of pure musical telepathy - not only in terms of sounds, rhythm and melodies, but also in terms of content. Words I have written back then spoke both for Steve and I, and so Kinestatics were born.

A year later, Labyrinth EP was born. And spent another four years sitting in the dark, fermenting and growing, looking for the right visual expression, the right artwork, the right moment, the right images to accompany the music.

"'Till the End of the World" is an ominous ballad about the history repeating itself as the human kind is too slow to learn from its own mistakes. The song explores the concept of each generation needing its own war, in order to be able to appreciate the absence of it. The longest period of peace ever registered within the western world is the one we are experiencing now, an aftermath of the Second World War and all its horrors. Yet a new wave of right wing extremism, populism and religious and ethnical hatred is on the rise again, as the memories of the WWII are fading.

Without a reminder, the new generations are falling for the same process, the same old circle of the mass society, whereby the masses of the poorest and most disadvantaged people are manipulated into hating a specific group of people, blaming them for their hardship, by a few political hotheads, doing it all for their own benefit.

It doesn't take much to start a war, anywhere, and both song and the video are a reminder that the responsibility for such drifts within the society is always but only personal, and depends upon each and every individual.

It is our own duty to keep our minds free.

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