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Echo Love Video Coming Soon

Dear Earthlings,

It has been a while since we have sent you an update via our news blog here. One can say we’ve been working in the shadows, growing and harvesting surprises and discoveries, that we will soon present to you.

One of the crazy projects that took place during this first half of the year is the Echo Love music video production! We gathered the same core team of creatives and freaks that worked on Harlequin video too – Berlin-based photographer and videographer Alexander Klebe, columbian painter and visual artist Joan Imitola, and our favorite drone pilot, Steuerberater and overall saint Stefan Hentschel,

A few more inspired souls joined the project: Olga Heldwein, Ed Mehravan, Simone Klebe, Lidija Ristic, Ilya Morgan.

Us aliens gladly tortured them all for the sakes of our common artistic creation: be it freezing our asses off at -7 C degrees somewhere up in German woods, with ice cold breeze lowering that thermometer further down the scale; to forming intimate friendships with sawing machines long into the wee hours of the night to generate modify and produce all those lovely costumes; to insane glue gun sessions spiced up with swear words in Polish and Serbian-Croatian that made our marvellous crowns appear; to some sporty drone acrobatics in the woods, with all those lovely branches wanting to hug the propellers.

Oh yeah, and we also made Karla put the fake eyelashes on and off for days on end! What a joy and what sadistic little bastards are we!

But – we are happy! And we are proud of our team and their achievements!

Here is a teeny tiny sneak-peak into our spring video set. The full blown making-off plus official video shit will come in the following weeks/months. We are now into torturing Karla to stay locked indoors cutting and editing it all, while the sun shines high in the sky…

Stay tuned, we will keep you posted!

Your favorite aliens,

Miss Stereochemistry

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