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Echo Love Official Video is OUT!

Finally! OMFG!

Out brand new, mesmerising, stunning video is out! I know this sounds like a pure modesty fit, but if you only knew the journey this song has travelled to reach this moment of eruption, you would be jumping through the roof yourself! Luckily, we also know how to fly after we jump through one ;). "Echo Love" is one of those songs that I feel has decided to come to me, with quite some insistence. Yes, my hands played it on the guitar, my voice sang it and the words and the melody were written within one single 33 min writing session, but it felt more like this vibe was coming through me, rather than being a product of my own intellect. Not EVERY song feels like this, but quite a few of them do, as if they had their own personality.

Around five years have passed since that secret one-on-one session with my voice recorder here in Berlin; back then I was only visiting, crashing in in a sublet of a sublet of a friend of mine in Wrangelkiez - I had no plans to move here, and had no clue I will be spending nearly three years of my life around the corner from where Echo Love was born. When I take a glimpse at all of the people involved in the making - and how they came into my life - then I see this is nothing short of a miracle. The whole team involves literally every human race and every continent of this globe. I knew none of them back in the day, with the exception of my amazing wife Julia Kotowski - who animated that cage bird when it was a tad out of life juice and helped her fly - which is very much in accordance to her role in my personal life, too.

Alexander Klebe, the director, and I crossed our paths on a silly cake-sharing Tuesday evening, where my biotech skills were challenged by a request to make a cake that would be compatible with all my flatmates: one was gluten-intolerant, the other lactose-intolerant, one was not eating anything with processed sugar for allergy reasons, the fourth one was vegan, and back in the day I was a 100% raw foodist nazi. The eggless, dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and raw cake sealed Alex and mine friendship forever <3. Then a few months later, Miss Destiny tied Alex and Joan Imitola together; not only they tied the knot but they also ended up exchanging some genetic material that now stomps around and paints herself head-to-toe in blue water colors, and then screams for her mommy and daddy to come over and admire her newest masterpiece. Ed Merhavaran, Olga Heldwein, Clemens Arndt, Maicol Herrera and Simone Klebe all came within the same package - a fantastic family of photographers, craftswomen, origami artists, fashion designers.

One of the drone pilots - Stefan Hentschel - accidentally became my husband - we met because the best friend of the other drone pilot, Ilya Morgan, randomly invited me to play at her wedding - and so I snatched her groom's brother. The supermodel Lidija Ristic - the only human who dared to be our set assistant at -7 C (yeah, all that snow was a very real, German snow) - is the only human being whom I have enjoyed coffees and shared the same roof in multiple cities, on several continents, and with no planning whatsoever.

The wonderful viola solo you hear is by Doreen Ooi, a classically trained violinist who abandoned her job at one of Australia's most established symphony orchestras to follow a man she met just once in New York - we met on a movie set of a film that has never been released. The Spleen Prod label guys, I met them on a gig in a weird Wonderlandy bar that does not exist anymore - they have ventured to hear me play and literally cross the entire city of Berlin, despite the -18 C, snow and ice, and well, the public transport lines still missing good connections between some parts of East and West Berlin (25 year later still - it is crazy but true).

a forest fairy woman with horns and flowers headpiece

I know, this all sounds like a South American-Balkan-Turkish-German soap opera but it is not. It is my life, my real life, our lives, our real lives and the fascinating complexity of it is such that no blog post will ever render justice to it all.

We finished off the old and started the new adventure by a premiere on - a wonderful article written by David Sikorski, a man who got engaged to a burrito. There is so much to tell about this song, but I will leave the rest to the making-of video, that quietly occupies 200 GB on my hard drive and is whispering "Come Karla, let me eat up another 3-4 weeks of your lifetime, the weather is shit in Berlin anyway".

Reception over, Earthlings, and yeah - let us know what you think!

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