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You know that feeling when at age 14, you spend all your pocket money on the first music album of your own choice, on tape on top of all… and you fall in love with that band and that producer, and for years to come you fall asleep dreaming away of how one day you’re gonna make music with them…

…and then that day finally COMES!!!

And on top of all, you contaminate their culture and their music with your own.

The album in question was “Freaky Styley” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, produced by The living legend of universal funk, George Clinton.

The Funky People of Mothership Connections hittin’ Amsterdam

Today, I am proud to be a part of a new collective “The Funky People of Mothership Connections”, formed by P-FUNK All Stars, a few European indie artists gems and Dr. Funkenstein himself :).

Our first release, TRANKSFONKCATION is released in honor of Mr. Clinton’s 75th birthday that we celebrated together back in Amsterdam, and well… There’s no party like a P-FUNK party, ’cause the P-FUNK party don’t stop!

You can read more about this project at, I leave you with a short funky video introduction of these funky vibes from outaspace.

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