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Summer Gigs 2017

Dear Earthlings,

The summer of 2017 is the one of travelling and festivals – and truth be told, we can’t wait!

There is something with hitting the road all on our own, just the guitar, the uke, the suitcase and moi, that can’t be put to words, yet turns out to be one of our major soul foods. And souls need food too, in order to prosper on planet Earth.

Roaming around allows us to unplug from this reality; it is a perfect excuse to be unreachable by phone and the chaos of the digital world and just delve into the being. As much as Karla hates schlepping 40+ kg of luggage around from time to time, there is nothing in the world that she would do with more joy.

There is magic in setting up, OCD-style order of the cables around the loop station (always ONE same cable for the guitar, ONE special cable for the uke, etc), doing the sound check revealing the minimum of your show, not testing all of your tricks there and then because you know that if this sounds good, then that will sound good, too… in retreating for the make up and the tutus… in letting go of the constraints of the world and finally hitting the stage, free of all censorship as hey, an alien can say it all…

Here is the current madness schedule, but more will come and we will try our best to keep everyone posted on various platforms:

02.06. Internationales Strassenmusik Festival – Ludwigsburg, DE 03.06. Internationales Strassenmusik Festival – Ludwigsburg, DE 04.06. Internationales Strassenmusik Festival – Ludwigsburg, DE 06.06. OtherMovie Film Festival – Opening Ceremony – Lugano, CH 14.06. Solo Show @ Knutschfleck- Berlin, DE 17.06. Science Slam – Lübeck, DE 23.06. Solo Show @ Kulturpalast Linden Nightclub – Hannover, DE 24.06. Tage der Offene Baustelle Festival – Berlin, DE 25.06. Tage der Offene Baustelle Festival – Berlin, DE 28.06. Science Slam @ Zeiss-Planetarium – Berlin, DE

03.08. Mercure Hotel Solo Show – Berlin, DE 11.08. Female Singer Songwriters Night, Kulturpalast Linden – Hannover, DE 12.08. Koblenz Summerfest – Koblenz, DE

01.09. LiederLauchen Festival X – Berlin, DE 02.09. POPDEUROPE Festival – Berlin, DE 03.09. TBA 12.09. Science Slam – Ulm, DE 16.09. Scenari Festival – Arezzo, IT

If you notice we are around your neighbourhood and you want us in your home town, let us know! We are up for spontaneous madness, living room shows, surprise parties and so on!

Hugs from the space ship,

Yours truly,

Miss Stereochemistry

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