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Winter Wanderland Tour Diary

Dear Earthlings,

Better late than never! Here are some pics from our amazing Winter Wanderland Tour 2016.

First of all: a big huge heartfelt THANK YOU to all the loving, amazing people who offered us their homes, their stages and their garages this time around! Nothing makes us happier than saying hello to a stranger and then saying goodbye to a friend a few hours later

…. and here’s a bonus detail or two from the road:

– I was hoping my car trunk will get lighter after selling some merch, however at some point i got a whole series of craft beer from Birrificio degli Archi – and that’s where that weight loss ended <3

– at some point I was granted the UTTERMOST honor to shoot tampons from a crossbow (everyone should try this at least once in their lives)

– “You know what I love the most about you? Your skin. I can’t tell if you’re white or metisse or whatever, one can not put you in a box because of it!” – got this straight into my face just before my show in Genova by a lovely African gentleman

– i jumped into a little construction site to use their Dixi toilet as none other was IMMEDIATELY available after attempting to park my car for over an hour in Passau. I never thought i’d be able to experience such utter joy for pissing inside of a Dixi at -6 degrees. Boy is this life full of surprises. ps. to this day i don’t know if i was allowed to use it. but there was NO choice left, i assure you.

– got to scratch the ice off the car windows just like when I was a kid (that was a very important task and a great honor to do!), just that this time, it was me behind the wheel, too…

– there is more but i will spare you of that for now!

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