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Stereochemistry for Muse!

East Side Music Days Festival in Berlin organized quite some surprises for the upcoming season, and almost made me fall off my chair when we got an e-mail from them a few months ago saying: “Hey, are you up for playing at the Lounge of Mercedes-Benz Arena, before the sold-out Muse Concert?”

My first reaction to that was: “Muse?? You mean, like THE MUSE Muse?”

After having confirmed that “we don’t know any other Muse that can sell out the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin”, ESMD made me wow to secrecy and keep this show CONFIDENTIAL until the moment it was happening. Staying under the radar about this for TWO months was much harder than playing the show itself – which was FUN!

To make the whole thing more dramatic, our car broke down in South Italy on our way back from the Warm Up Tour, not even TWO days before that show and with another 1500 km to drive loaded with all our music gear, so… in the lack of reliable car service and teleport, we had to count on our good ole airplanes to fly us back in time, which they did!

It was all worth it, though. The show went amazing, and selling my own CDs to people wearing Muse T-shirts was surreal and priceless.

Plus, my Steuerberater Roadie and I enjoyed the effing Muse KILLING it live afterwards… Their DRONES tour show is… mind-blowing to say the least.

Thank you, East Side Music Days for getting me into this madness… Mind-blown is an understatement!

ps. Matt, Dom and Chris, if you are up for having me for the rest of your Drones tour, too, us aliens we’re all up for it!

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