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Harlequin Video LAUNCHED!

And FINALLY!! The Harlequin VIDEO is OUT!

Here’s the exclusive feature on the Italian music magazine ExitWell:

“A perfect mix of folk, pop and swing, with a light exotic taste that stays in your mouth after having enjoyed this fresh video, that tells the story about an insane street party, a meeting point between Italy, Carnival and Rio de Janeiro.” … and of course, ‪‎Berlin‬!”

Infinite THANK YOU to all my Berlin Harlequins for making this magic happen:

Director Alexander Klebe Art Director Joan Imitola Scenic Artists Jesus Ortiz, Christiane Mannigel (Mimi Panini ) Make-up Artist Milena Moebius Second Camera Operator: Sara North Effects & Post-Production: Fiorenza Tomea Videographers: Stefano Casertano, Milena Moebius Production Assistants: Stefano Giussani & Oliver Sotra Magic Supervisor: Mar Klebe Sound: U.W.A. Hayder aka Quinzi Making Of Soundtrack: Steven Rutter & KineStatics

Our crazy cast:

Mr Pug: Stefan Hentschel Bass Player: Julian Graf Band Harlequin 1: Tobias Leube Band Harlequin 2: Steffanie Zeller Flamenco Dancer: Feline Lang Flower Stick Stunt: Ankica Paunović The Clockwork Faerie: Johanna Blackstone Syren Joey herself Juggling Stunt 1: Michael Schruefer Juggling Stunt 2: Britteny Lynn Schruefer Mommy Dancer: Änne-Marthe Kuehn Kiddo Dancer: Samuel L.J. Kuehn

Cut, Editing, Making Of Direction and Production: Karla Hajman

And of course, the two Harlequins who have inspired all of this: Juli A. Cutt-Offski & Pedro Collares

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