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Harlequin EP - Under Construction!

Oh WOW! We’re finally proud to announce you that we’ve been really busy for the past months – and with a BIG reason!!

Some time ago, we’ve joined the forces with Spleen Prod, an independent record label in Berlin – and been working undercover on a new release!

I’ve been very quiet about this, as you know, some say that saying it out loud may jinx it, I say in music business, unless the things have taken shape and come to some more concrete phase, better don’t mention anything, as there is loads of empty talking and very little actual action.

But it is not the case here, as you can hear!

Spleen prod and their art are a bit of a new thing for me – the guys are more into the late ’80s – early 90’s electronic sounds, and you know me – manipulating acoustic stuff is my thing. Nevertheless, this collaboration has proved truly interesting and challenging at the same time, and has brought a new touch to Miss Stereochemistry sound.

Once upon a time, I used to be a scientist, I come from a long lineage of scientists and have grown up among them, therefore experimenting with different sounds and musical solutions is my thing… I leave you with a couple

of snippets so you can hear and see for yourselves.

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