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Harlequin EP OUT NOW!

FINALLY, it is OUT! The long-awaited, million time announced Harlequin EP is finally there!

After countless months of preparations, recordings, a crazy video shooting, a guerilla photo session and several love letters to Nirvana’s publisher, here it is now!

Harlequin EP relays stories that have unfolded between ‪‎Barcelona‬, ‪#Istanbul‬, ‪Belgrade‬, ‪Berlin‬, marking Karla’s life path with their own road signs.

The four songs – the four chapters of the story are united by a common thread: a reminder that the borders between people, cultures, religions, even between the birth, the life and death are there only if we choose to see them. It is a reminder to notch down the prejudices and train the eyes to read between the lines, let the hearts soar beneath the surface.

Your favorite Miss did not shy from crossing borders of musical genres either: ‪Harlequin‬ EP is a curious blend of electro-folk swing, honoring both Karla’s Balkan roots and Berlin’s own Deutsche Neue Welle of the ‘80s.

Here is the entire EP presented on the Italian Radio show Riserva Indie:

Good listening to everybody!

…and our bottomless THANK YOU to all the people who supported us in this madness over the last two years, it wouldn’t have been possible without you!

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